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I’m Nata, your favorite wedding photographer business coach. 
I help wedding photographers get more clients, 
charge more, and have fun doing it.

Hey there...

Born in Brazil, I came to the US in 2003 with $30 to my name and not enough English to even order food at a restaurant. I was a student-athlete sent here on scholarship. I knew I wanted to do something to help people, but I always saw myself as physical therapist.

And I was!

I spent 10 incredible years as a physical therapist and speaker. But after marrying my husband and having our 2 beautiful girls, things started to shift for me. I was technically a successful physical therapist - booked out and busy. So, so busy! I was tired of having to say no to showing up to school functions. I hated being stuck inside all day where the only cap I was wearing was a cap on my time and income.

I was ready to take on something more creative. I knew I wanted to have more freedom to be flexible around my girls’ schedules and show them the world. I couldn’t do that while attending to my patients, running the physical therapy office, and building out their new scheduling system.

Cue the camera and photographer business coaching
Fast forward to now and I’ve hung up my scrubs for a life of traveling the world as a destination wedding photographer and photography educator. I’ve built multiple six-figure businesses from my small home office in Jacksonville, FL. And I’m most proud of the fact I’ve done all this - literally pivoted my career and lifestyle - while staying true to my original dream of helping people while doing something I’m passionate about.

The thing is…I’m not some super-genius or particularly lucky. I worked my ass off to be the badass my girls can look up to.

And if I can make it as a wedding photographer, so can you!

A bit more about me 

i'm nata, Your photography business coach

I never planned to be a wedding photographer.

are you ready for next level?
Let me help you get unstuck, start making the money you deserve, and have the life you crave.

Desire true connection and mentorship with someone who’s investing in their success

Love their family and friends but need someone who will tell them feedback from experience

Hate fluff and want the exact steps to streamline their workflows

Crave accountability so their goals get done

I help wedding photographers who:

Don’t you think it’s your turn to build the photography business you’ve dreamed of?

high-level coaching

Wants to learn from a multi-business, multi-six-figure photographer who’s been there already

best investment for myself and my business

nikki e. - wedding photographer

"The Mastermind class was a great investment for myself and my business. Nata walked through everything, step by step to ensure my business was set up properly and for success. Finding out the cost of doing business helped me so much to understand where my money was going! I couldn’t recommend this course enough. It’s turned my business and the way it runs completely around! "

Favorite food: Sushi

TV or Podcast: Podcasts all day!

Countries Traveled: Iceland, Scotland, Greece, UK, Kenya, South Africa, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Brazil, Uruguai, Paraguai, Argentina, US, Tahiti, Domican Republic, South Africa, Germany

Stay in or Go Out: I used to be a Going Out person but these days, I enjoy a good mix of both

Favorite Shooting Destination: Iceland

Number of Weddings Photographed: Over 250

If we’re going to hang out together, we should probably get to know each other. Here are some of the more important life facts you should know about me, speed dating style! 

Get to know me

Now that you know my answers, DM me yours!

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In addition to my resource library, you can join me weekly on my new podcast for photographers called Get Unstuck with Nata. Each week we’ll dive into different facets to help you navigate new photo biz challenges and start elevating your income.

Photography Education to get you Unstuck


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I would love to help you get your business on track. Currently, I have 3 ways to work with me (but there may be more popping up very soon)! Explore each of the ways we can work together below. If you’re not sure which one you’re ready for, send me a note and I’ll help you choose the best path to overcome the obstacles you’re currently facing.

1:1 Photography
Business Coach

masterminds & courses

templates to save you time

Learn how to get grow your business and start creating the life you deserve! 

Let’s dive into how to drum up more leads and win more bookings.

Get my 6-figure shortcuts to automate more in your photography business.


I need this!

say less!

I took the Business Mastermind program with Nata and I am here to say if you’re considering her educational courses, DO IT! Working with Nata, I was able to have someone hold me accountable to the business goals I have set for myself (that I had been procrastinating on my own), making my business more of a reality than ever."

Kendra B. 

" She was the game changer"

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