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Gain strategies to improve your website and get visible on search engines.

Optimizing Your website

Get more referrals by building strong vendor relationships.

Building vendor relationships

Learn what makes clients jump at saying 'yes' to booking you.

Closing the deal with dream Wedding clients

Implement strategies to attract more clients and increase inquiries.

attracting and booking clients from social media

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Are you a talented wedding photographer seeking to take your business to new heights? Do you dream of a calendar filled with bookings and a thriving client base? Look no further! "Booking Up" is the comprehensive online course designed exclusively for wedding photographers like you, eager to boost their bookings and skyrocket their success.

Booking Up


Booking Up is the transformative online course specifically designed to empower wedding photographers and help them get booked solid while maximizing their earnings. Boost your visibility, expand your reach, and ultimately secure more bookings, leading to increased revenue.

we've combined all of our education and expertise to create something totally new and revolutionary for wedding photographers.

This high-level online course is exactly what you've been looking for, and then a whole lot more.

In the age of social media, establishing a strong online presence is paramount. 

Explore how to turn bridal shows into your personal booking machine and stand out from other booths.




Learn how to craft compelling messaging, create captivating content, and leverage various marketing channels to reach your target audience.

Harness the power of search engines to drive organic traffic to your website and stand out from the competition.




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To do that, you need to get serious about how you present your business. From which photos you display on your website to approaching social media like a business - not a creator. From becoming a preferred photographer with local vendors and venues to the art of closing the deal. I'll teach you everything you need to know to attract clients who appreciate the quality of your work and stay booked.

Booking Up with Dream Clients

It's Time Your Wedding Photography Biz Starts

Your website is the first impression your potential clients have of you and your work. Is it ready to wow and convert? Is your portfolio matching your value proposition? Let's find out! 

Website Flow

module one

Effective SEO is crucial for maximizing client conversion rates by ensuring high visibility, attracting relevant traffic, and optimizing the user experience to drive meaningful engagement and conversions.

SEO basics

module two

Social media plays a vital role in client conversion by leveraging its vast reach, facilitating direct engagement, and cultivating a strong brand presence, ultimately driving increased website traffic and conversions.

social media musts

module three

Establishing connections with other wedding vendors is paramount for gaining wedding clients as it fosters valuable referrals, collaborative opportunities, and a trusted network, enabling a broader reach and ultimately leading to an influx of potential clients.

vendor connections

module four

Having the skills to effectively close the deal is essential as it empowers professionals to confidently address client concerns, showcase the value of their offerings, and build strong relationships, ultimately increasing the likelihood of successful conversions and long-term customer satisfaction.

closing the deal

module five

Attending bridal shows offers a valuable opportunity to showcase your services, engage with potential clients face-to-face, and build trust, significantly increasing the likelihood of booking wedding clients.

bridal shows

module six

SEO Checklist
How to address objections booklet
Ongoing support to address specific questions/challenges
Post-consult email templates
Social Media Checklist




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Tired of an empty calendar (or worse) feeling like your revenue is capped? I've been there. The truth it, it’s insanely frustrating to feel like you’re doing everything the experts recommend but never seeing real results for yourself. 

Stop trying to follow someone else’s path. 

Your business superpowers are completely unique from every other photographer in your area. Let me help you find the key to unlocking your wildly profitable business strategy.

I'm Nata, Founder/CEO, and your Chief Strategist

meet your coach

I have a deep understanding of the industry, current trends, and best practices for running a successful photography business. My expertise allows me to provide valuable insights and guidance tailored to photographers' unique needs. Let's get you on the path to success!

Because before i hit seven figures i was in exactly your shoes. like for real, and this method got me through it.

Wondering what makes me the perfect coach for you?


"Nata walked through everything, step by step to ensure my business was set up properly and for success. Finding out the cost of doing business helped me so much to understand where my money was going!"


"I got to learn great techniques that can help put my clients at ease and create a nice flow during their session."

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