How to Pose Couples

The Couples Posing Guide teaches you how to connect with your couples before the session, create a session flow that will put your couples at ease, and provide advice on how to pose your couple for fun and intimate photos! 

  •  95 magazine-worthy poses
  •  6 prompt lessons
  • Pre-session must-do's to create better sessions

Couples Posing Guide PDF

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Posing couples can be challenging for many photographers. You're responsible for being a director, managing the camera, the lighting, and managing the perspective of each partner on film.

You know you're capable of doing it, you just need some guidance to learn how!

The good news don't have to be a professional juggler to take beautiful, emotional images. You can manage to do it all and make it look easy! My Couples Posing Gide is here to help you.

Every felt like...

Your couple photos are missing a certain emotional connection?

The guide includes 95 of my most gushed-over couples poses, good for engagement photos, couples sessions, and more.

Beyond posing guidance, it includes lessons on what to do before and during the session to provide an amazing client experience. Get coaching on how to talk to your clients, give clear direction, and use your pre-session consultation to drive deeper connections and emotions into your sessions.

Everything I wish I had when I started my photography business. All in one instant download for you!

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Clarity is key. Get real-world examples of what to say to best prompt your client, including a guided activity to come up with some of your own prompts!

prompts to direct your couples

Get 95 of my couples' favorite poses and lessons on how to create curves and dimension through your posing. 

95 magazine-worthy couples poses

Most couples start out stiff on camera and need to ease into their comfort zone. That's where the best images happen. Learn how to create a shot sequence to go from stiff to stunning in just a few frames.

create a shot sequence that lets your couple ease into their comfort zone quickly

Get coached on how to scout the best location for your couple and understand what type of poses they love most.

prep your couple for their dream photoshoot

Learn how to build a connection with your couple before the session, so they show up more at ease and ready to start.

connect with your couple before the session


... more than posing

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