As a wedding photographer, I often have couples who want to have a special friend or a family member officiate the ceremony.  Having someone you know help you get married is certainly something special. 
Proper skills. resources and training, can help this moment really be everything you are dreaming of. That's where our Officiant Coach course comes in! 

Are you having your friend or family member officiate your wedding?

we are here to help

With our combination of videos and written materials, you will be prepare to honor your officiant role and make everyone proud! 

"every input was so valuable and i know exactly what i need to do now to be successful."

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We will work on your confidence and prepare you to shine! 

Not sure how any of this works!

This is a crucial part of a successful wedding and we have it all ready for you

Not knowing whAt to say

We will make sure you know exactly what will happen

overwhelmed with the ceremony

We have a step by step guide for you

not sure how to get ordained 

I know you've been struggling with this...

Your wedding is a big deal and you don't want your ceremony to go wrong. We can help your special friend/family member learn all they need to beautifully and confidently officiate your wedding. 

We can help anyone become the officiant you should have

coaching for everyone


Let me shine the light on what you need to know to set up the most amazing ceremony. Good planning, resources, examples, and a guide. 
Going from uncle Bob to 'The officiant" is no easy task. We can help you figure out all the important steps along the way with an easy-to-follow, quick online course. 

we have everything you need to create a magical ceremony

We've got your back!

This role can be fulfilling and amazing. I want you to be able to experience that for yourself. If you are ready to put in the work, I will show you the way. I'm a former professional athlete and I know the importance of a good coach. Doing this alone will not be as fun! 
I'm ready when you are!

i've partners with experienced officiants and we are sharing all of our resources and expertise to create something totally unique that can work for anyone willing to roll up their sleeves!

This in-depth coaching is exactly what you've been looking for, and then a whole lot more.

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