wedding Detail photos + flatlays

My 30+ page guide will teach you everything you need to take magical detail shots and help tell your couple's story perfectly.

  •  34-page guide
  •  Tips on Lighting, Surfaces & Orientation
  • Bride + Groom Details List
  • Styling guidance for the top 6 items to feature

The Wedding Details Guide

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It's by mastering how to capture the tiny details that your couple have dreamed of their entire engagement. From the invitations to the buttons on the bride's dress - everything is a memory.

Yet detail shots are a skill. It takes a lot of creativity to style a beautiful flatlay and find the best corner of the room to take it in.

capture every last detail

want to know how to put the cherry on top of wedding photos?

You are capable of creating beautifully styled detail shots. Even if it's been a challenge in the past. The Wedding Details Guide has over 30 pages of instruction and inspiration. 

By recreating the images you'll find in these pages, your creativity will expand. Soon, you'll be creating your own, off-the-cuff styled photos that will leave your couple speechless.

The guide includes information that took me years of trial and error to perfect, with no singular source to study. With the guide, you'll master the art of the details in days, not years!

until now!



Study over 69 photos I included to understand different ways to style the same items. Included is everything from the dress to the invitation.

Over 60 inspirational photos to learn styling

The guide is completely inclusive and teaches you how to capture the finer details for him and her, him and him, and her and her!

Bride + groom Details List

What items will your couple cherish most? Learn the top 6 items to include in your detail photos, and how to style them in shots.

Instructions on how to capture the top 6 items

Wedding day photos are chaos. Get coached on how to find the best lighting and surfaces. Plus, understand how to determine orientation.

A crash course on lighting, surfaces, and orientation

What's included

... every little detail

get it now - $59